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At Lindeire, our certified public accountants in the Rockville, MD, area are here to help you.
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Accounting | Lindeire & Company International | Rockville, MD | (301) 681-7399
Our service is smooth, reliable, informative, and with you every step of the way.
Whether you are a small business or non-for-profit organization, we provide affordable auditing in Rockville, MD.
Financial Reporting | Lindeire & Company International | Rockville, MD | (301) 681-7399
We are sure to be able to satisfy your needs and provide an affordable service that will give you the necessary information to keep your business afloat.
Financial Reporting

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Financial Reporting



Accounting | Lindeire & Company International | Rockville, MD | (301) 681-7399

If you looking for a trusted and reliable firm that provides accounting in Rockville, MD, you’ve come to the right place. Here at...


Auditing | Lindeire & Company International | Rockville, MD | (301) 681-7399

Our auditing services allow you to gain deep insight in to the financial aspects that accompany your business's day-to-day...

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting | Lindeire & Company International | Rockville, MD | (301) 681-7399

When you are in need of financial reporting in Rockville, MD, Lindeire has what you need. Our team of qualified specialists are ready...

Lindeire provides expert financial and accounting advice thanks to our certified public accountants.

Welcome to Lindeire & Company International

Lindeire & Company International, Certified Public Accountants, is an international firm that is certified in public accounting. We offer multiple services such as financial reporting and advisory services to various organizations such as state governments, for-profit and non-for-profit entities and small businesses in the Rockville, MD, area. Our services range from accounting to auditing, to taxation and even management consulting.
We have a deep and thorough understanding of how a business operates, with regards to cash flow, expenses, payroll, and the importance of carrying out financial decisions with diligence. This is why, as a certified public accounting firm, we aim to meet our clients’ business needs and help them implement or modify strategies in order to help their company expand and grow. Thanks to our team of dedicated, experienced and reliable professionals, our creative solutions and extensive business knowledge will truly be a precious asset for your business.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients and providing a top-quality service, while delivering intelligent and integrated solutions to your company. Our international network is testament to the trusted and recognized services we offer to businesses, and is also why so many trust us with auditing their companies or providing vital financial information.
We also believe that each relationship with our client is long-term, which is why we will always endeavor to inform you of recent or potential developments pertaining to tax law, changes to accounting systems, or new and improved management methods that could greatly benefit your company financially.
Our services include: 

• CPA's 
• Tax services 
• Tax refunds 
• Corporate taxes 
• Individual taxes 
• Auditing services 
• Bookkeeping 
• Accounting 
• Financial reporting 
• Payroll 
• Reconciliation 
• Non profit org. 

Whatever your business or activity, Lindeire & Company International’s Rockville office is here to help. We take care of your bookkeeping, reports, financial audits and more, letting you get on with what you do best: running and managing your company. With our assistance, expertise and deep understanding of how the financial world connects to the corporate world on a daily basis, rest assured that with our services, the only way your company can go is forward. 

Lindeire & Company International

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