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Our auditing services allow you to gain deep insight in to the financial aspects that accompany your business's day-to-day activities.

 Our audit professionals who are experienced and reliable have dealt with businesses and even local and state governments, and are ready to provide a thorough report on your business. 
When business owners hear the word audit they often begin to panic, as many see auditing as intrusive and a process that lays bare your company while providing a brutally honest outlook. However, auditing is essential when it comes down to showing how financially apt and able your business truly is. 
Audits are in fact extremely beneficial to your company on two levels. First of all, as they show how strong your company actually is in financial terms, an audit can allow for further and stable relationships with creditors such as lending institutions, your clients, and even high-authority agencies. If you want to borrow money and need to provide financial statements, or even if you just want your clients to place their trust in your business, an audit provides credibility to your corporate finances and strengthens ties. Secondly, audits are also great tools for the decision-makers of your firm, allowing stakeholders to make more realistic financial decisions, thus helping benefit your activity in the long run.
We offer a range of auditing services, including non-for-profit and for-profit financial audits, OMB Circular A-133 and HUD compliance audits, and also checks with regards to  the Sarbanes and Oxley act. Not only is auditing a vital health check for your business, but the various compliance checks and verifications help ensure that your business will avoid any problems with the authorities. 

It’s essential that your company be willing to audit itself, and it shows true leadership in doing so. This is why we are always audit-ready and willing to provide in-depth checks of your company regarding compliance and its finances.

Whether you are a small business or non-for-profit organization, we provide affordable auditing in Rockville, MD.

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